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Time Machine Kit by Maya

Time Machine Kit
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The Steampunk Collection was still my favorite even after three years, so I figured it was due TIME to create the sequel. Still inspired by shiny brass, antique watches, worn out leathers and the fantasy of time travel, I came up with The Time Machine Collection which I am very proud of and excited to share.

Included in this collection:

Digital Papers
- 10 unique designer backgrounds

Time Sculptures
- steam engine time machine
- time machine frame
- time copter (helicopter)
- motorcycle time machine
- Time Bot (2 versions, one with face and one without to insert your own)

Deconstructed Elements - Builders Kit
- 5 unique clamps, flanges or pipe fittings
- 3 straight pipes
- 2 pipe elbows
- 1 pipe construction
- 4 bent pipes
- 10 unique clock face flowers
- 3 unique mechanical stems
- gallery lamp with separate light glow
- 6 unique rusty gears
- 1 latch
- 1 silver metal hose
- plumbing tap
- 1 word art (ride the wave of the future)

Time Machine Alphas
Alpha 1 - Upper Case, Numbers and Special Characters
Alpha 2 - Upper Case, Lower Case and Numbers

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