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Timeless Memories, Entire Collection by Christina

Timeless Memories, Entire Collection
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"Timeless Memories" is another unique collection of timeless treasures to scrap all those lasting memories. With no real rhyme or reason to this authentic collection, I think you will find numerous ways to use all of these cherished findings!

You do save much more by purchasing the "Timeless Memories, Entire Collection". However, each of the following products listed below are sold separately in my Studio as well...

"Timeless Memories, Papers"
"Timeless Memories, Elements"
"Timeless Memories, Ephemera"
"Timeless Memories, Photo Montage"

The "Timeless Memories, Entire Collection" includes everything found in the following sets:

"Timeless Memories, Papers"
12 highly textured old artsy background papers (all 300dpi)

"Timeless Memories, Elements"
1 metal bow brooch with dangling pearls
1 old book scrap of Angels/Cupids/Cherubs
12 frames (1 white window with shutters, 1 metal oval with diamond accents, 1 mini hanging bow/book, 1 black and brown wood with floral accents, 1 gold oval hanging, 3 architectual (creme colored rectangle creme colored plaque featuring Angels/Cupids/Cherubs and long skinny off white rectangle edge), 2 old watch faces (silver and pink), 1 mini metal floral, 1 old ceramic watch face circle (painted)
1 clock brad
1 "private eye" badge
1 button (silver with Angels/Cupids/Cherubs)
2 very old, grungy books
1 old fabric scrap (black floral)
2 old architectual pieces (1 old cream colored casting with floral decorated side by side columns, 1 dark wood Angel/Cupid/Cherub with foliage accents)
1 metal moon brooch with diamond accents
1 gold clip featuring lady
1 old picture of an architectual gate
1 fancy foliage brooch with ruby accents (used as a clip on the photo album page in the preview)
1 fancy silver butterfly brooch with multi colored accents
1 stunning beaded brooch flower (cream)
1 black bird brooch piece
2 fancy metal keyhole plates (gold)
2 keys (1 "key to life", 1 old antique key)
1 old watch piece
1 handmade, stitched heart hanging from a peach colored ribbon
1 old ribbon, award (green)
1 old hanging boot charm
2 peach colored ceramic rose buds
1 old metal clock piece
1 metal moon charm with painted on face (yellow)
1 old cup charm (gold)
1 small silver crown piece with green pasted accents
1 mini metal hanging clock charm (pink and black)
1 large photo album page (great as frame that holds 4 photographs)
1 small lace scrap
1 "UP-TIME" badge
1 old metal brooch with pink and creme colored arrows
1 "ALTAR BOY" badge

"Timeless Memories, Ephemera"
1 old bookplate card ("Libre Studiorum")
1 old bookplate frame ("Libre Studiorum")
1 old vanity design scrap
frames (1 orange card, floral decorated wallpaper edging,
1 old photo of a beautiful garden, 1 fancy edge card with nameplate, 1 dingy white card, 1 florally decorated edge card, 1 architectual-bookplate decorated edge card, 1 metal rectangle with clips, 1 "private eye" badge, 1 skinny canvas edge, 1 old book cover)
1 old painted design scrap
1 old painted architectual design scrap (edging)
1 old, tattered small paper scrap
1 old manuscript scrap
1 old scrap (Paulson Recording Time Micrometer)
1 old wallpaper scrap (black and orange floral strip, edging)
1 old cover letter
2 old letters
1 large old drawing of a gorgeous entrance (MASSIMI)
1 old torn up wallpaper scrap (red floral)
1 old drawing scrap featuring hand painted Angels/Cupids/Cherubs (great journaling piece)
1 old grungy paper scrap (Post this for your family)
1 small paper name tag with scalloped edges
1 very old unfolded cover letter scrap
1 old map
1 old music cover scrap (A Little Old Fashioned)
1 old floral wallpaper scrap (tan, black and white)
1 old architectural border wallpaper scrap
1 large old stained (almost blank) book page
1 very old grungy book cover
1 large old (blank) ripped out book page
1 large old music scrap (handwritten)
1 old florally decorated wallpaper scrap (creme)

"Timeless Memories, Photo Montage"
* 12x12 (approx), 300dpi "Photo Montage" in three formats (3 separate files)
1, 12x12, 300 dpi .png
1, 12x12, 300 dpi .png, pre-shadowed
1, 12x12, 300 dpi .psd (the .psd comes with optional shadows and photo masks to easily crop your photos to fit each frame)

*Individual, unique frames in separate .png format (9pcs.)
1 old chest top frame (rectangle, dark wood with red and gold painted accents)
1 old clock face frame (fancy wood with gold metal foliage edging)
1 two type wood circle frame
1 old metal frame (square, floral cut)
1 old wooden leaf, wreath cut frame
1 old ivory architectual frame
1 old clock face (smaller metal circle)
1 antique dark wood frame (fancy scroll work trimmed with gold and cut out angels)
1 old velvet edge frame (red with gold edging)
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