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Window To My Heart (With everything in it!) by Lorie

Window To My Heart (With everything in it!)
by Vero by Hollie H by Anja by Irish Gull by Carinpixels by Irish Gull by Olga Ungar by Henriette by Irish Gull by Scrappie Irene by Julie Good Girl by Wendy by She by Ikscraps by Joann Kinnrd by Monnica by Lucie by Carinpixels by Vero by Joann Kinnrd by Lana by Paola by Joelle
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I used to spend hours going through my Mom’s scrapbook looking at her Valentine cards when I was little. The pages were packed with the happiest bright pink, red, and silver images of flowers and cupids and hearts. Looking through her scrapbook made me sooo giddy and happy. I put a lot of my memories of those sweet old Valentine cards into this kit and I am all giddy and happy again to present them to you. Here’s what’s in Window to My Heart:

6 springtime papers
6 wooden papers
12 pastel papers
15 frames
1 arrow (three versions)
1 bead border
1 big heart
1 big mail box
1 red bird (carrying valentine and without)
1 bird cage
1 blossom branch
2 bonbons
2 bows
1 bubbles
2 buttons
1 celestial heart
1 cherub drawing
3 clay flowers from my Great Grandma's pretty bowl
1 corner branch with flowers
1 cupid naked
1 cupid with blue unders
1 cupid sitting
2 curtains
1 pink chair
1 pink suspension chain
1 top of drawer
1 embossed paper flower cluster
1 pink envelope
4 Valentines (with/without wings)
7 flower accents (from old Valentines)
1 hanging vitrine bottle (see-through)
4 heart pins
1 see-through ink bottle (with/without fountain pen)
1 key locket
1 set of keys
1 letter wings
1 see-through pink love potion bottle (several versions)
1 see-through blue bottle
1 messenger bird
1 metal bee
13 overlay accents
3 pincushions
2 pink bellied birds
2 pink ink splatters
1 plaster filligree
1 pocket watch hands
1 porcelain bird
13 porcelain flowers
1 postcard
1 post stamp
1 quill pen
1 red ink pen
1 romantic view
4 painted roses
1 painted roses and petals on the ground
1 sewing scissors
1 silver dish
1 small mailbox
2 stamp
1 stool
2 heart rooms
1 Valentines carrying carriage
1 wee heart
1 window (two sizes)
2 versions of the Window To My Heart
4 versions of wooden wings
9 wordarts

All happily plucked and painted by me (please be my Valentine) for your romantic and artistic pleasure! Enjoy!
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