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Patchy Posies by Christina

Patchy Posies
Christina Renee's Patchy Posies
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Patchy Posies are spunky, funky and will just plain make you HAPPY!! ;) These handmade posies (flowers) were carefully crafted using very brightly colored old fabrics, coordinating felt and hand stitching.

I just adore anything with bright colors, everything floral and my favorite thing to find is old vintage fabrics so these were such a joy to create!

Patchy Posies just scream...CHEERY which makes them a perfect addition to any project! I hope you will agree ;)

You will receive 30 unique, hand crafted pieces to use on their own and/or to mix and match up to create your own posies. Each piece comes with and without a drop shadow for a total of 60 pieces.

I have also included 10 pre-assembled, clustered posies that I layered together for you. Each one comes with the drop shadows already added.


Separate Pieces
30 separate pieces,.png, 300dpi WITHOUT drop shadow
30 separate pieces,.png, 300dpi WITH drop shadow

8 small circles
5 medium circles
5 large circles
5 small flowers
5 large flowers

2 leaves

Pre-assembled Posies
10 pre-assembled clustered posies (created using the separate pieces),.png, 300dpi, WITH drop shadow

PLEASE NOTE: The red stitched frame and red stitched leaves around the edges of this preview are only for preview purposes and are not included at this time.
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