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Rage by Viva Artistry

papers wordart from Carol from Courtney from Danica from Janaina from Vanessa from Vivienne
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All of us have anger in some form and what better way to release that than in the form of art. Do it for yourself, get those emotions off your chest and be angry, own it, with no judgement, no pressure, no finger wagging. Because your anger is your own. It's your emotion and no one can take that experience from you.

9 papers
37 elements

2 arrows
1 attachment
1 blurr
1 bubble wrap
1 border
1 burst
1 crosshair
1 envelope cutout
1 face
1 frame
1 gesso
1 gun
2 impasto
1 lightening
1 ornament set
2 scribbles
4 paint
1 overlay
1 sad girl
1 scrap
1 screw
1 sorrow ephemera
1 splash
1 staple
2 tapes
2 tears
1 torn circle
1 b/w illustration
1 illustration sticker

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