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Tatters vol.3 by Foxeysquirrel

Tatters vol.3
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Tatters vol.3

Product Includes

There are 6 splatter type elements in this kit that have been especially designed for your artist needs. all elements are saved as PNG with a file resolution of 300 dpi for the highest quality printing

Layout examples featured by the creative team may show other items not included in this collection.

PERSONAL USE LICENCE: Personal use, often referred to as PU, allows you to use this product for your personal needs only. You may create things for yourself and your family and friends with this type if licence. You may NOT resell in any format with this licence.

ARTISTIC USE LICENCE Artists and photographers in courses by Sebastian Michaels have artistic rights to use these graphics to create or enhance projects they may later sell using for promotional purposes. This license does not allow you to sell the items as is.

If you have any questions about this type of licence, you may email your questions to: foxeysquirrel@msn.com


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